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Our methodology is based on an a real partnership with both candidates and company during the recruitment process : evaluation, validation of work experience, advice on final decision, reference checking, integration follow up… This comprehensive process contributes to a successful integration, considering the long term.

Our approach is as follows :

  • analysis and shaping of the need ; audit if required; detailed description of the position
  • definition of the search strategy ; identification of potential candidates (long list)
  • selection of candidates (short list)
  • evaluation of candidates is conducted through in-depth interviews, with a strong focus on behavior and motivation
  • advise on the final choice and follow up of integration

Evaluation and advice on integration

Integration of executives, experts and managers is a critical issue, they need appropriate guidance ; Quadra will not only help you make the appropriate decision, but also :

  • contribute to the best expression of collaborator’s potential,
  • advise on the most appropriate integration process,
  • advise on evolutivity of positions

We are using customized tools and conducting interviews in the most appropriate way in order to help you

  • validate your decisions
  • and retain your employees
Coaching-strategic advice-personal development

Coaching-strategic advice-personal development

Through customized coaching, we are contributing to the development of individuals and teams in their work environment.

This approach is designed for senior executives and managers wishing to improve their skills in areas such as :

  • new responsibilities
  • better relational skills (management of conflict, development of a more cooperative spirit)
  • preparation for new challenges
  • better management skills
  • meeting ambitious challenges

Our coaching is solution oriented and inspired by the reality of the work environment ; we are seeking to fully involve our clients, our approach is based on experience.

Advice and personal development

Advice and HR Support

Company’s life is marked with key periods affecting organization, management and teams such as :

  • downsizing, site closure or transformation
  • reorganizations, following mergers or acquisitions
  • pre and post-acquisition audits
  • governance changes
  • shareholders changes

We support investors and directors in their decision in order to help them evaluate and optimize the performance of management teams by answering the following questions :

  • who are the most motivated executives ? who are the most competent executives?
  • which are the most significant resources?
  • what are the most common values and motivations ?

In such circumstances, human factor is decisive in the success of the operation ; compatibility between individual values and company’s culture is a major issue, more important than technical expertise.

In other terms, we are able to accurately evaluate motivations and skills of management teams

We are investigating on 3 different levels :

  • The organization
    • Organizational chart analysis, identification and definition of functions
    • Difference between theoretical functions and real functions
  • Management teams
    • Collective strength and weaknesses of the management
    • Teamwork capacity (analysis of compatibility/complementarity)
    • Analysis of management style
    • Potential evaluation
    • Study of decision process
  • The teams
    • Adequation between individuals and functions
    • Supportiveness to company’s project
    • Evaluation of poles of expertise
    • Evaluation of team cohesion
    • Definition of team spirit
    • Meaning of individual and collective commitment