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History and Values

Founded in 1995 by Henri Micheron, Quadra has become over the years a major search firm, employing 20 people, with offices in Paris and Aix-en-Provence. Quadra is operating in France and internationally.

Our clients range from international companies to medium and small innovative firms, as well as local administrations, including social housing. Quadra has indeed become a key player in recruitment for the public sector.

The name Quadra takes its roots from a latin verb, quadrare, wich means “to make clear”, regarding projects for both candidates and companies


Our clients consider recruitment as an investment ;

In the short term, employers are expecting a rapid impact of the new human resource on the organizational framework in order to improve performance

In the longer term, if potential is detected in advance, taking advantage of this potential, with appropriate coaching, will help the executive reach fulfillment.


Consideration for people is essential to our Consultants. We are members of Syntec Recrutement, the national federation of recruitment firms, and we are committed to respect the code of ethics of the organization, as well as recommendations regarding non-discriminative practices.

We are also committed to promote good practices such as transparency regarding information, and equal opportunity and rights for everyone.